About Pega:

PEGA is a Business Process Management tool and it is a single unified platform with everything you need to build or modify enterprise apps fast. PEGA is a platform which provides a systematic approach to build and deploy process-oriented and rule based solution and applications. Business Process Management, Customer relationship management, Decision management and case management solutions are some of the examples where process and rules are integral part of application development. What PEGA provides a developer is a Designer studio which acts as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build applications.

About PegaGuide.com:

Pega Guide is created to provide the deeper insights in to Pega Application. It helps developer to gain knowledge in Pega and also to understand the tool in a easy way. Provides diversified knowledge on various topics across Pega platform. Help developers to achieve the Pega Certifications easily, that can be either CSA, CSSA and CLSA. Helps the developer to take up the interview and improves the overall technical knowledge.

About Authors:

Authors posting in Pega Guide have good experience in PEGA Technology and they have been working on Pega Platform for several years.


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