Design: Creating temporary cases

Some organizations require the cases to defer by not storing in database. This temporary case allows you to defer the case until it met some conditions.

Temporary cases don't store the data in the data base. For example, consider the address change case. If the user's current address is up-to-date, then there are no changes required. This address check is temporary. Screen flows and regular flows can be used to model the temporary cases. This temporary case can be persisted to the database once it meet the organization specification.

Persist temporary case
The temporary case can be persisted in the data base for the future reference. For example, if the address in the data base does not match with the current customer address, then the process can be continued. We need to identify the break point in the work flow where this case should be persisted. Persist Case smart shape can be used to in the workflow to persist the case. The updated data is stored in the database when we persist the case.

To create a temporary case, open the flow rule from the starting processes from the case type rule. On the process tab of the flow rule, select the Temporary Object checkbox. When the user creates a case , it creates a temporray case. The system does not create a case instance in the database and the data remains in the memory until it is committed to data base.

Add a persist smart shape in the flow when you decide to persist. Initially, we need to identify a step from where the case needs to be persisted. Click on the "+step" to add a new step. Select "More" option and select "Persist case" from the utilities.The system then adds persist case smart shape in the flow.

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