Customize pega login screen

Every organizations has its own brand, color theme and its logos. Business expects to customize their application based on its branding. In this article, we will learn about login page customization.

Pega provides a standard login and logout screens for all applications. These login screen can be customized to a full extent through simple steps.

Create a ruleset

All the guest operators will see the default login screen. Guest operators are the users who have started PRPC but have not yet been authenticated by logging in.

All the necessary UI changes to login screen are required to store in a custom ruleset that should be created. Create a ruleset and version to hold the custom rules for the login screen. Give the ruleset a name that makes it easily identifiable, such as customlogin:01-01-01.

Create a new accessgroup

The system uses the PRPC:Unauthenticated as default access group for guest requestors.

Create an alternate access group for your custom rules for the login screen, and then instruct the system to use them instead of the defaults for guest requestors

Create a new access group for unauthenticated users.
  • Enter "PegaRULES" as the application name
  • Enter the current ruleset version
  • Add the guest access role
  • .

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