What is Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Pega recently launched "Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant". It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered bot that turns normal application into smart assistants on any channel. It turns all the channels into intelligent assistants and make personalized customer service. It anticipates the user needs and makes smart suggestions. This uses natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics to deliver hyper-personalized engagement.

Find the next flight departure? Get product recommendations? Need to find out the status of a claim? Want to talk to an agent? Pega IVA is an extension to CSR and relieve them in redundant and time-consuming tasks. Irrespective of any channel, Pega IVA keeps the context in sync to provide meaningful conversations to customers.

Pega IVA also leverages Predictive Analytics and Pega Decisioning to provide right action to the customers.

  • A banking bot alerts a customer checking her balance on Alexa to any suspicious charges, opens a charge dispute, and orders a new card – all in the same session or chat.

  • A mobile service provider bot helps a subscriber on Facebook Messenger understand why he or she went over his/her data limit, suggests a plan better suited for the subscriber, and immediately activates it so he can continue to stream.

  • Currently, pega has integrated these bots and provides pre-built connectors to following channels:


    users can communicate to pega platform via Facebook channel. Pega IVA analyzes the incoming user message and passes through text analytics. It responds back to the user and launches appropriate cases by understanding the customer intent. Any additional responses can be defined easily that fits our business needs.

    To create a facebook bot, we need to create a face book page and generate the access token through facebook developer portal. In pega, we need to create a new facebook channel and then initialize with the access tokens and ids generated by facebook developer portal. That's it, now the facebook bot is ready to interact with customers.
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