Naming Conventions in Pega

A naming convention is a systematic method for naming rules. Developers has to strictly follow the naming conventions as it provides uniformity across the application. It is very helpful in debugging and identifying the rules later on. This might also reduces the duplicated effort and rework.

Every organization defines their own naming conventions as per their needs. But pega also came up with some naming standards and suggests every developer to follow these guidelines. As we are all building applications on pega, we should strictly adhere to these standard guidelines laid out by the product/organization.

In this article, i will share my knowledge on defining the names for some of the rule types.

  • Use short and precise names for defining a rule
  • The name should reflect the purpose of the work
  • Capitalize every first letter in the word. Use Camel-Case formatting.
  • Don't include any special characters

  • Data Classes
    Data class holds the real time entities Use a proper noun to define its name.For example Data-Org-Contact, Data-Org-Account, Data-Org-Policy etc.

    Flow Actions
    Flow action represents the type of action that is going to perform in the case. So use verb and noun convention. For example CollectDetails, ApproveClaim, ProcessLoan , VerifyUser etc.

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