Overview of Pega Robotics Automation Studio

Robotic automations can be used to automate the routine tasks which are repeated in a workflow. Pega robotics adds the ability to automate tasks using the user interface of existing applications. It can help speed up manual tasks by automating user actions.

Automations are created in Pega Robotic Studio. Pega Robotic Automation Studio provides a intuitive visual development environment to create run-time solutions that enable end users to complete tasks more efficiently.
The latest version available is 8.0 and can be downloaded from PDN.

There are two types of Pega robotic automations:
  • Desktop Automation (RDA)
  • Process Automation (RPA)

  • Pega Desktop Automation Desktop automations are used to provide a unified desktop experience to users by integrating and automating desktop (or web applications) with Pega 7 applications. Desktop or web applications can be launched from flow actions and data can be transferred back and forth between the workflow and desktop applications.

    Desktop automations can help reduce the redundant work that is required to copy and duplicate data in multiple applications. This can help reduce the time a CRM representative needs to spend with a customer on the phone and can also reduce data entry errors which can occur when entering the same data multiple times.

    Legacy applications where APIs don’t exist or are not compatible with new Pega 7 applications can be integrated with the help of automations.

    Pega Process Automation Process automations are used for automating high-volume back-end repetitive work. Case assignments are routed to a robotic queue from where they are picked up by a robotic automation VM to perform the automations.

    The working is similar to an agent but the processing is done by an automation instead of the Pega requestor processing the assignment. A new ‘type’ dropdown has been added in the work basket instance to specify a robotic automation work queue.

    Pega Automation Studio

    Pega Automation Studio uses Microsoft Visual Studio as its development platform. Users should have idea on Microsoft Visual Studio environment. It also Utilizes the standard Visual Studio diagnostic and debugging tools to test the unified solution.

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