Savable Datapages

Have you heard about savable datapages? Its one of the powerful feature in pega 7.4. Till now we knew about Read-Only and Editable data pages, but pega introduced a new feature in data pages called savable data pages.

Now data pages are helpful to save data to a system of record by using save plans.

Steps to configure savable data pages.

Step 1: In the 'Edit mode' field, select Savable.

Step 2: In the 'Database save options', select the plan that you want to save the data with.

If you selected Database save,
    In the Class name field, enter or select the class whose data you want to persist.

Note: If the class in the Class name field is different than the class of the data page, create a Data Transform rule that maps the data page class to the Class name field. Optional: In the Validate rule field, enter or select a validate rule.

If you selected Activity, in the Activity name field, enter or select the name of the activity to use to save the data.

+ Add save option to create another save option for this data page.

Once you define the Savable data page, then you should use it in one of the three options below:

  Saving data in a data page as part of a flow action .

  Saving data in a data page when running an activity .

  Saving data in a data page as part of a flow .

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