Skills required to learn Pega

You want to learn pega and you are looking to change your career to Pega. But you are looking to understand the skills required to learn pega. Most of the new developers ask me, how could we learn pega quickly and what are the required skills.

This article explains necessary skills required for a developer to understand pega framework easily.

Theoretically, any one can be capable of learning Pega, some skill sets could yield better results on average than newcomers without the same skill sets. This is geared more towards the technical folks who will be doing the design/development of the application.

A strong understanding of Object Oriented Design & Principles

Pega product is built on JAVA language, and produces JAVA code behind the scenes that is executed at runtime, but this recommendation has less to do with that aspect, and more to do with the overall design of both the OOB rules & class structure, and the designs of applications built within Pega.

The idea of objects & their relationships is highly evident within Pega applications. Class Structures, and reusability of objects, attributes (properties), and other rules is carried out via inheritance paths. A good understanding of what an object is, how it relates to other objects, how it inherits properties & actions from its parents is a HUGE help in learning the product, and learning how to design well within it.

Additional skillets that I’ve seen be beneficial are:

  • Understanding of Integration types – Web Services, Queuing Mechanisms, File, HTTP, SQL, etc….
  • Understanding of HTML & XML, and to a lesser extent Javascript & AJAX
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