What are different ways to wait for the parent case till all the sub cases are resolved?

There are multiple options exist if we want the parent flow to wait for the spun-off child cases to complete.

1. Route to a Workbasket Assignment with no Flow Actions.
2. Route to a Worklist Assignment with a single Flow Action that wraps back on that Assignment.
3. Use a Wait Shape.

For options one and two (above) to continue, a Ticket, typicallyAllCoveredResolved, must be associated with a different shape usually within the same flow.

A Workbasket name must be specified when using the Wait Shape option; being the default value, hence it is somewhat similar to option one. The "Case Dependency" option within a Wait Shape supports "Any" and "All" join conditions. The scope of this join condition is a single subcase type having reached a certain status.

Note that the AllCoveredResolved Ticket approach is similar to the "All" option with the exception of supporting multiple subcase types while requiring that each subcase achieve a "Resolved" status.

Amar 2018/04/20 Database